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Author Topic: Need help... What to get... Cameras to pc  (Read 7609 times)


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Need help... What to get... Cameras to pc
« on: July 10, 2006, 10:22:14 AM »

Need Security system...   I need help deciding best packages.  What I am looking for is 4 wireless cameras with motion sensors on each to go to pc but only to record when sensing motion +5 minutes.  Also would like to have it that I could turn system all off easily when I am home.  I would like to have it that I can just leave the PC on.  I do not need to send to internet.   We could do it with VCR, but I thought quality may be better with PC.

Also I want motion 2 sensor indoors that would set off LOUD siren and call me.  Seems that motion sensors would probably work as well as door contacts.   We are in the country.

Any help is appreciated.

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