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Title: Powermid - Multiple Sender Problems
Post by: bellyman on December 02, 2006, 01:17:25 AM
I purchased a pair of Powermid units (contains ST539+RE539).
The theory was the living room would have a RECEIVER.
The kitchen (call it room A) has a sender; The bedroom (room B) has a sender.

Until recently I was unable to use it in room B since I had no cable to the TV.  Since then I have run it in the duct and have installed the second sender.
The problem is if "A" is ON, and you plug in "B", "A" will not work.  (Or vise versa).

To get both rooms working, I have to unplug the other room first.  According to the box, two ST539s (Senders) would work with one RE549.
As I had another receiver, I tried that - to no avail.

Either (A) They do not work as stated (my feeling) or (B) One (or both) of the sender(s) has a problem. 

I wanted to know if others have experienced issues and/or know this stuff works.

I thought when I was originally researching it, that this unit had the ability to work on 4 different channels.  But it does not - would have been nice.