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Title: Change volume or disable 60 seconds when arming with delay
Post by: invader zog on April 05, 2007, 11:02:32 PM
The instant arm isn't going to work for us because:

1. The signal doesn't seem to go through the door
2. The remotes are ridiculously large to be kept on a keychain

I therefore was going to use the large remote to activate/deactivate the alarm. When I activate it in delay mode, the console beeps for a good 60 seconds in an extremely loud volume. The volume is so loud that I can hear it on the floor beneath me (living in a condo). This is going to infuriate my neighbors very quickly.

I don't want to completely disable the horn on the console because I like the chimes and the audio indication of armament and disarmament, but I really need to crank the volume way down.

We have a power horn installed so if there is a burglary, that can take care of most of the warning volume...

Any suggestions?!?!?