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Title: Myhome problems****Please help
Post by: skrapdogg on May 12, 2007, 09:55:30 AM
Is anyone else having problems connecting to the myhome service over the past 3 weeks?  I have only been able to connect remotely one time in 3 weeks where I was able to see a video picture from my cameras. When the software rarely does connect, I only get the video monitoring screen.  When a light switch is pressed the lights I have connected go on and off, but no video. The green/yellow bars at the bottom only move a little.  The software works perfectly when I am on the host computer. but seems to have a big problem connecting. I have been in touch with the semi incompetent customer service who always wants to just pacify me by telling me that everything is working fine at their end so it must be my system.  I have removed all my spyware programs and disabled Norton with no change.  My isp says that the required ports are open on the dsl modem.  It was all working fairly good up to about 3 weeks ago then all the problems.  I have been told by customer service that they move some of their servers to another building. Most of the customer service reps say they no of nobody else having problems and others say that my people are and I just have to be patient and wait until it gets better.  Any help would be appreciated.  Greg
Title: Re: Myhome problems****Please help
Post by: Tinman55 on May 12, 2007, 09:31:55 PM
I have had mine for a couple weeks now.....and yes it is sporadic. Sometimes I can connect very fast and some I can't connect at all.  At first I thought it was firewall or spyware that was giving me fits, but after even running wide open I was still unable to connect. Then a day later or whenever it would work fine again. I must admit though....when I was connected, everything worked fine....video and all.
Title: Re: Myhome problems****Please help
Post by: Andy.Durbin on May 20, 2007, 03:23:19 PM
I can't connect.

Title: Re: Myhome problems****Please help
Post by: MrMartyUSA on May 28, 2007, 07:25:19 PM
I am another who is having the same difficulties with X10 server and difficulties with tech support.... at first (mid April 2007 when I got started with the service) someone (eric@x10.com) was responsive (responded once) but after that no one has ever returned any email messages. I have been trying ever since to get a response (have sent 4 emails) with no answers. When I first set up the My-House access, it worked correctly. It was way cool. It is just what I wanted. It was on a weekend. When I went to work the following Monday, I was able to connect, but it took about 15 minutes, but all worked correctly with streaming video, etc. But then it went downhill. During that first week I could only connect about every third day. (That is when I sent first tech support request to eric@x10.com). I try to connect every weekday and Saturdays from work (work 6 days a week this time of year). I run the application when I get to work, and let it run all day trying to get connected. It doesn't connect at all now. A week or two back an unusual thing was happening that you mentioned too. I was able to connect but there was no camera video showing. One of those times was also a surprise because I got connected in just 15 seconds, but then... no video showing! A worthless connect! So I am pretty upset with X10 company now because remote access for video monitoring was the primary reason to get involved with this and it just is not working any longer.
Title: Re: Myhome problems****Please help
Post by: Tinman55 on May 28, 2007, 10:14:40 PM
Ok....just as a test to check the server. I just connected and ran my cameras remotely and turned lights on & off etc. This all worked perfect. I am testing this from another computer in my house using XP on both machines. On the host (where AHP is installed) I set permissions in the windows firewall. I did nothing on the client end except to install the active-x component.
Title: Re: Myhome problems****Please help
Post by: skrapdogg on June 03, 2007, 11:24:33 AM
The lastest progress I have made:

Now I am able to connect  my host computer almost everytime to the myhouse service after I unplug my dsl modem then plug it back in.  It will then connect quickly and allow me to get video for about 5 to 6 hours then the connection and video is disconnected.  Any ideas anyone.  I call my dsl service, who told me that it shouldn't be the modem because I can still connect to the internet.