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Title: very unhappy!!!
Post by: unhappy on May 30, 2007, 05:47:02 PM
This company is the worst!
these X10 products are the worst!
Nothing works like advertised.
They'll tell you anything to sell you the stuff, and then when you run into problems, you're on your own and out in the cold. The customer service was terrible and the tech support was worse! They wasted over 100hrs of my time troubleshooting, installing, uninstalling, texting back and forth with the tech guy etc etc
flood cams do not work at night! cant see anything even when the lights are pointed at it! motions dont work correctly, lights stay on all night sometimes. Has a mind of its own
Vanguard software messed up my computer! constant error reports, lock ups, freezing up ............even after I returned all this stuff and uninstalled software. thanks guys!
Wireless cameras claim to work 100 ft away even through walls, mine worked at 20 feet and the front door had to be opened for the signal to come through.

Bottom line:
They are much better products out there that actually work, and do what they claim with tech support and customer service, to stand behind their products, look elsewhere if you want quality products that do what they claim.