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Title: what a JOKE!
Post by: tobyiowa on October 05, 2007, 12:22:37 AM
I signed up to be a x10 contractor and have spent a lot of $ with x10 and feel I have had problem after problem with x10 after calling,emialing and pleading I still have not recieved any reply. Do you at x10 not value your customers?your contracotrs? I could sell many many many more systems of yours yet, now I am uncertain if i should continue to do business with a company who has no concept of customer satisfaction. I had thought I would have some kind of support or something to help me and help yourselves, however boy was i wrong. my email address is toby120499@yahoo.com so you can do a little research and see what issues I have had.
you will also notice I have not ordered anyhting in a long long time, that is due to the fact that I am kind of gun shy to continue with you, yet I think there is a good potential there for a good business yet now, the ball is in your hands whether we continue to do business or not.  All I want is support,someone to acknowledge there are problems and then do what they HAVE to do to keep my business and show that I am my customers are more important than a simple order!

thank you and i will be somewhat suprised if i even get a response I guess I will wait and see if X10 is true to form in dissapointing....

Toby Welsh
Safe N' Secure
Security Solutions
(641) 512-9004
Title: Re: what a JOKE!
Post by: orca on November 23, 2008, 04:28:00 PM
Hi Toby;

I have found that the people over at X10Pro are much more responsive and they have support people by the phones daily.

Now, their devices are a little more expensive and they mostly have a 2 years guarantee without buying the added price and their
equipment seems to be more reliable too.

Look them up on the X10Pro website and call.  Here are the details:
X10 PRO Technical Support
800 832-4003 Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30 Eastern

I was looking for the instructions on how to build the sample case and they had the answer immediately and
sent it off to me.  Now I am waiting for the local Home Depot to get me the case so I can install the components
and be able to do a reasonable demo of the system.