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Title: ANOTHER Floodcam Problem
Post by: Nena on November 11, 2007, 06:52:11 PM
Okay, I finally figured out (with a lot of help) how to get the picture on my tv screen. Now I'm trying to get the VCR to work with the floodcam.  I'm at the stage where you try to convince the VCR Commander to recognize the floodcam and trigger the VCR to record.  I've followed the programming instructions exactly, but still no response of the VCR.  I did each step to program the commander, and the little red light did it's little blinky thing after each step just like the instructions said it would. But it still does not start the recorder.  Any suggestions???
Title: Re: ANOTHER Floodcam Problem
Post by: Nena on November 12, 2007, 02:59:17 PM
Okay, just in case someone logs on who has an idea what I can do, here's an update:
I used my remote (the one that comes with teh system and works with the transciever) to learn the floodcam motion sensor the way the directions said to.  I unplugged the infrared sensor cable, pressed "play" on the commander until the light stayed on, then pressed the button on the remote that corresponds to the camera, then plugged the infrared sensor back in and pressed "stop" on the commander.

Now the test:
When the cameras are activated (either by their motions sensors or by the remote) the pictures appear on the TV.  With camera number 1, the recorder kicks on SOMETIMES, and sometimes it doesn't.  All times that I test it, I give it plenty of time to reset.  The picture appears on the TV, but it does not always record.  With camera #3, the recorder NEVER kicks on.   (I'm not even trying to get cam 2 to work right now because it has interferance and has to be moved.)

Anyways, any ideas on why the recorder kicks on with testing cam 1 sometimes and not others (even though I do exactly the same thing each test?)  And also why cam 3 doesn't record at all, even though it does transmit a picture? 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!