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Title: X10 RF Mod
Post by: X10Modder on February 19, 2008, 08:45:11 PM
This is what everyone wants their Icon Remote to do.  Transmit RF.  And it is a very easy mod if you have a spare UR series remote for parts.

Warning... This will probably void your warranty.   :o  A red handled hobby X-Acto knife is a good way to open the remote.  Just pry it in the side crack.  Don't cut yourself.

The pics pretty much say it all.  The E(nable) line is not used.  This will make it always transmit RF while it is transmitting IR.  This is the same way the new UR74A works.  The new UR74A seems to use the same IC-on-board as the new Icon Remote.  They use the same codes.  The code sheet on the X10 site is wrong for both remotes.  The sheet supplied with the new UR74A is correct.

Use code 0999 for X10 RF mode.  It generates the proper RF command without any IR carrier.  So once connected it works properly.  Identical to the UR74A.

Gnd goes to ground of capacitor C2.  B+ goes to coil L2 on the side towards IC (black goo) U3.  S(ignal) goes to R2 on the side near IC (black goo) U3.  And you are done.  Mount the board with a couple layers of double sided tape.  I also used some hot glue as backup.  Mount it 1/8" closer to the batteries then shown in the pictures.  This was a little close to a back cabinet mount.

Good Luck.
Title: Re: X10 RF Mod
Post by: X10Modder on February 19, 2008, 08:48:41 PM
Here is another picture showing the overall placement on the board.

BTW, the RF board from a CM17A firecracker would probably also work.  But you would have to remove the 8 pin PIC and work out the gnd, B+ and S(ignal) lines yourself.
Title: Re: X10 RF Mod
Post by: X10Modder on February 19, 2008, 09:17:16 PM
And now for the Mouse Remote code....

0888 for both the UR74A and the Icon Remote.  Which is the ADC CD player code.

So this means you can now modify your Icon Remote to transmit X10 RF commands and replace your mouse remote.  BTW this is only for the button functionality of the mouse remote.  Not for the mouse movement.

Edit.. It looks like this code may use an IR carrier.  I will have to double check next time I open the remote.  I thought I checked it.  Oops.  What that means is that the range is greatly reduced because the RF transmitter is being pulsed on/off at the IR carrier frequency.  It may also just be my RF daughter is off frequency.