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Title: How and what talks to what?
Post by: allenabc on September 06, 2008, 12:24:09 AM
Didn't get any replies in another forum so I thought I would try in this one. 
I have vanguard control centre software.  I have a 751 transiever, a VA11 video to usb , a cm19A transeiver, 2 cameras a b/w 20A and colour 18A with a video receiver 36A.  I sort of got it to work and scanning. (if it is dark will the colour camera just stop working? it seemed to have.) I would like to know more about how it works!  like what talks to what and how?  especially that 751 white box with an antenna that plugs into the wall.  when i understand what talks to what and how i want to introduce the motion sensors eagle eye 14A.  Then i would like to try to get my vcr commander to work with a vcr, but i will wait on that till i get the vanguard fully operational.