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Title: XTB-IIR + V572RF + A ying yang of X10=
Post by: BaBaLou. on October 21, 2008, 10:44:42 PM
Peace of Mind. >!

That's all you get and nothing else. The setting up of said system has totally left me with mouth wide open and still waiting for that one slight problem or something to go wrong. still waiting. Maybe if I do add another doz or more sensors and then I bet it will give up and start giving me something to try and diagnose.

Simply putting it, left AHP, all modules and sensors as was before, changed all setting in relation to adding V572 and XTB just to see it all work together. Double checked all connections and then went meter reading all over the house. I average around 60 Pod lights (cans) 40% CFL, no Dimm CFL but many Dimm incandescent all on one level inside/out but NON are filtered,  TV/DVD/Stereo/Gameconsoles, Computers, Laptop, Cell, PDAs and everday modern house stuff.  6-5amp plug in filters, and a normal everyday activities with wife and 3 young boys. Started at main panel, were the units are all installed neatly on its own dedicated circut. Started at 2v from there and saw nothing but 2v. The one area where a drop to 1v in one of the boys room in the furthest point of the house from the main panel, at least 60' straight line up one level. This is all based on a simple test with all House functions and lights are ON and running, will be dismantling the whole X10 modules and resetting the whole house with pre-planned assignments of HC/UC for a better working layout of which will suite my home.

The XTB is the nothing but the heart and soul of the system. Jeff Volp at http://jvde.us/xtb_index.htm has created a great product of which did save me time and money by avoiding the investment of other product to help enhance my X10 systems. He has done his part in delivering the product that has given me a total peace of mind, answered all my questions no matter how dumb or repetitious they may be. Thanks to Jeff for all he has done.

You have heard it before, If you are serous about your X10 investment and have the need for that perfect boost and harmony in your functions, then LOOK at the XTB-IIR and maybe a V572 and you too will feel the force of X10.

That my jolly opinion
Title: Re: XTB-IIR + V572RF + A ying yang of X10=
Post by: PajamaGuy on October 22, 2008, 05:23:51 AM
...the Force of X10!!

If Lucas makes the movie, I'm in!