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Title: Sound of the PH508?
Post by: Markpojo on November 23, 2008, 12:19:38 PM
Should the Ph508 power horn have a kind of two tone sound like for example: weee-wooo, weee-wooo or should it stay on continuously like: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mine has this wee-woo sound and I'm not sure maybe its defective, or should it be like this? Sounds more like a fire alarm to me than a burglar alarm.

Also, what are the operating temperatures of the ph508 and sh10a?

Title: Re: Sound of the PH508?
Post by: Brian H on November 23, 2008, 03:12:24 PM
It is as you found a two tone warble. It is triggered by an on off cycle. On the Address it is set to or an All Lights On; All Lights Off on the house code it is set to. All Units Off will also work for the off code. I believe the higher tone is from the On and the lower from the Off. Also the SH10 has an other feature. Send it an on than start dims and brights. The dims will dong and the brights will ding.
If you have a remote or controller that can send X10 power line codes. Try a on off cycle on the address one is set to. It Will warble as you have found. After maybe 2-2 cycles of the sequence and continue for about 4 seconds after the cycle stops or 4 minutes elapses.