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Title: My pleasant experience with x10 support.
Post by: bitman on December 11, 2008, 04:44:20 PM
I've read all the horror stories about how having to call x10 tech support is like dealing with the dawn of the dead extras.

Well I had to do it today for the first time.
So with sweaty palms and ready to fight I called.
After just two horribly distorted songs over voip, Vanessa answered and said "good afternoon x10 support how can I help".
I wished her a happy Thursday as per usual hoping to get what I wanted.

I told her that I had ordered and received a AHPro package with no CD or link to download the software.
She asked for the order number, I gave it to her. She verified my email address and promptly emailed the .zip files
for all the packages and the activation codes for all of them as if she does this every day.

Thank you x10 support.

Title: Re: My pleaseant experience with x10 support.
Post by: Knightrider on December 11, 2008, 06:03:56 PM

As many "bad" reports as there are for x10 support, I'm sure that there are many more "good" reports.  Thanks for sharing your positive experience.
I know that x10 tries very hard (they want to keep their jobs, I'm sure) , but sometimes comes up short.  Hey, if you've never made a mistake, you probably haven't been in business too long.
If you read my tag line, you'll see that x10 was developed a very long time ago (year I was born).  It would be my wish that MORE people get onboard with home automation instead of less.  X10 is a very good way to start, with a low cost to the consumer.  If we keep posting all the bad reports, x10 sales may drop and along with that customer support and R&D may dry up as well.
No, I don't work for X10, but I do enjoy using their products.  Bought my first modules from Radio Shack back in 1988, and have never stopped loving the technology.
Always nice to hear from someone satisfied with X10!