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Title: Is Software critical for Lola to work
Post by: call63 on May 28, 2009, 10:15:00 AM
With my recent order of the 2-planet cam system, x10 was out of one of the included parts, so they inserted a letter inside the box at shipping letting me know "they upgraded me at no additional cost, & added a Lola... bla, bla, bla. Now the day i received the box, i had no idea what a Lola was, & wasen't impressed.. but after getting my camera's working I sat down & read the manual, & became somewhat impressed... but had a glitch.There was no software, & I never received a email with a link. Everything i find in the way of direction says.. "Install software first", so i called x10. They told me "I don't need software to use it."

Now i'd only run this on my computer, so.. does anyone know if I need the software?

Thanks... Mike
Title: Re: Is Software critical for Lola to work
Post by: freeze1 on May 28, 2009, 01:02:54 PM
Mike i received the same thing, but, in a email they told me they sent it as a upgrade cause it contained the part i needed for my cam system,also that i could use it if i bought the software for $29. Note: the remote will control basic things but no music sofware for what it was intended for. After i figure out a solution to vanguard ill search for a compatible sofware for it , if it exists. Ive tried others recommendations for a vanguard replacement, but they are as buggy as vanguard. Let me know if you find anything.
Title: Re: Is Software critical for Lola to work
Post by: call63 on May 28, 2009, 02:23:29 PM
will do Freeze1. I guess its back to  B:( . I have a feeling I'll be getting the software, but I don't appreciate being cornered into buying something to run something I didn't order. I run a business, & if I give a customer an Upgrade because I don't have an item in stock they paid for, I at least give them everything they need to use the upgraded item. Its like selling a car, but keeping the keys until they pay extra to get them.  :'

Oh well.. Live & learn I say. >!
Title: Re: Is Software critical for Lola to work
Post by: knuckle47 on August 30, 2009, 03:33:56 PM
Same boat here....I must have boxes and boxes of x 10 stuff that sits doing nothing due to a total lack of operating instruction... I have this lola thing at my desk right now ready to just send it all back....They say use the link....NO LINK...They say run Media Manager....NO SOFTWARE....They say  30 day return....OK, I'm returning
Title: Re: Is Software critical for Lola to work
Post by: call63 on August 30, 2009, 11:08:07 PM
Knuckle47.. I had to (I guess) re-learn that old lesson.. "We get what we pay for". Now, having said that (& in X10's defense), I knew I was paying $159 for a two cam system, One color, one b&w. I knew the prices of other, better brands, but since my brother-in-law had a set, I went ahead & called X10, going for the cheaper. But.. after talking to the X10 rep, telling him what I wanted, & being specific.. then actually getting the box.. seeing what I actually got, I should have just sent it back for a refund, because I didn't get what I wanted. Freeze1.. it was exactly as you said, "Upgrade because they didn't have the part that worked with the system".

Now.. So after putting them all up, & getting them working.. I can't use them. So eBay.. here I come (someday). For now though they are boxed