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Title: x-10's ability to help
Post by: BSRMAN on July 19, 2009, 09:21:37 AM
Hello all,
It has been years since I came into here. And as expected I see no new development. What a shame in the beginning of this technology release we had real high hopes. Oh well I wanted to check in and see what everyone was up to.  I am still strugling with my CM15a. I don't know why I keep trying. Heyu and gspca have been so stable with the cm11. Wish list would be just like I said when I left this forum. X10 should release the specs on the CM15a so others could get it going in linux. But that was not answered last time and I don't exptict it now. I have not bought any new devices from x10 because of this. I don't plan on buying anymore either until they make some efforts on their part. Ohter than that. Hope you all are doing fine and I like the tm751 antenna option going to try that this week. I do still play with what I have. No worries abot warranties here. lol.