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Title: xps3
Post by: adamsdaddy on April 24, 2010, 12:01:37 AM
For my in wall switches I'm looking at the xps3 decorative switches.  I'm still new with x10 so this may be a simple question.  I'm looking at non dimming switches because I use CFL bulbs throughout the house.  Does the xps2 turn on/off manually like the button on an appliance module or does it receive a signal.  I like the manual button for that "just in case it doesn't work" feature.  Searching the web I see that the xpd3 has a manual on/off switch which would work fine but it is dimmable.  After reading many forums and the hiccups that occur with various x10 issues, I just want to be able to turn off the lights if they are "stuck" on for whatever reason.  Many thanks.
Title: Re: xps3
Post by: Brian H on April 24, 2010, 06:15:41 AM
The XPS3 can be turned on and off by an X10 power line signal or from the local paddle.
I had one in a bedroom and used the local paddle all the time and the automation controller did the preset on and off times. It also was controlling CFL bulbs in an overhead fixture.

It also has an extra terminal on it for connecting an XPSS Companion switch for things like three way switch installations.

On thing to keep in mind. It needs a Neutral Power connection in the switch box to work.

You can find all the X10Pro installation manuals on the X10Pro site. http://www.x10pro.com/
The X10 WS13A is the X10 version of the switch. ftp://ftp.x10.com/pub/manuals/ws13a-is.pdf
Title: Re: xps3
Post by: Mel99 on April 24, 2010, 08:55:46 AM
I have 4 XPS3's controlled by timers and a macro.  3 control my outside CFL lights and are on timers.  The other controls the fan in a bathroom and is controlled by the macro.  2 of the outside lights work flawlessly.  The 3rd is furtherest from the panel and every two weeks or so, it either stays on or doesn't come on.  I simply hit the paddle and the problem is fixed for another two weeks or so.

The bathroom light/fan are controlled by a macro triggered by a motion sensor.  Both come on when a person enters the bathroom and the person can turn the fan off if they want to.  The next time someone enters the bathroom the macro turns them both on again.

Local/timer/macro control - the XPS3 doesn't seem to mind.

But, it is a big switch.  For the bathroom, I had to take the 'mud ring' off of the box and grind it out a little so the XPS3 would fit in. For one of the outside lights I had to get an extension for the box.  It now sticks out a little further into the porch.