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Title: DS7000 / V572 Transceiver Conflict
Post by: Dave4720 on May 08, 2010, 05:50:21 PM
I have written about X10 not being junk when it doesnít work, and itís probably a condition that needs to be solved.  I still believe that, but Iím still irked that one really doesnít know how these X10 things work and interact until you actually try to do something.

I have a DS7000 security system that I am doing some tabletop testing before I install the system.

I have the DS7000 set to L-3.  L-3 is the local ceiling light in the room that the console is located, so it flashes L-3 when armed.  Since the HC is ĎLí, the AllLightsOn and AllUnitsOff codes it sends when tripped will flash all my house lights.

Ok, works fine.

BUT Ö I have discovered that the DS7000 receiver is acting like a RR501 and receiving ALL ĎLí RF codes and transmitting them onto the AC line.  This is in conflict with my V572 Transceiver which is also receiving the ĎLí RF codes and transmitting them onto the AC line via a XTB-IIR.  So I am getting BSCs and command failures because TWO things are trying to transmit AC codes at the same time.

My workaround thoughts were to disable the V572 Transceiver on the ĎLí codes, and let the DS7000 be my ĎLí receiver as well as the security system.  I donít like that because why do I have this awesome receiver, but have to use the DS7000 for HC ĎLí.

Iíd rather the DS7000 just transmit out the necessary security related commands, not receive non-security HC transmissions and transmit them to the AC line as well.

Any thoughts on another workaround or solution?

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Update:  Another issue.

Nothing "comes out" of the DS7000 but AllLightsOn and AllUnitsOff commands.  Iíd like to run a macro to do other stuff, but I donít know what to use as a trigger.

Any ideas or mods to trigger a macro from an alarm condition or ďcaptureĒ an AllLightsOn or AllUnitsOff ?

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Update: Timing Wonít Work

I rigged up a method to test the system design idea with a manual trigger, and I canít send much of anything in-between the AllLightsOn and AllUnitsOff commands without command timing crashes.

Itís nice to flash the lights DS7000, but basically one canít do anything else via X10 because of the X10 data traffic.

Title: Re: DS7000 / V572 Transceiver Conflict
Post by: Knightrider on May 09, 2010, 08:48:58 AM
Tuicemen created a small app that triggers on the "all" codes, which I think has since been absorbed into PC Companion.

Also, BVC listeners can react on the "all" codes.
Title: Re: DS7000 / V572 Transceiver Conflict
Post by: spam4us on June 13, 2010, 01:19:26 AM
You can buy an x10 filter on ebay that will block the transmit of the all lights on/off from going over the powerline.  The filter plugs into the wall and the ds7000 plugs into the filter.

See page 2 on this link for an explanation on how to set off a window sensor by connecting it to a UM506. 

the DS10A can be defined to the VF572 (and not the ds7000) & then use it to trigger a macro.
Search ebay for x10 filter.

Title: Re: DS7000 / V572 Transceiver Conflict
Post by: Brian H on June 13, 2010, 10:12:47 AM
First the V572 will not process DS10 codes. The V572RF32 will map a security code to a standard X10 code.

Putting on a filter will stop the All Lights On and All units Off commands but would also stop the lights from flashing on a alarm trigger or going on for the one minute exit time when armed.