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Title: URC-R50 compatibility
Post by: jrjr on May 12, 2010, 06:42:51 AM
First post :P

I have the URC-R50 and am looking into X-10. I will need the IR543 from the looks in order for my IR remote to talk to X-10. I programmed all the available X-10 codes in my remote. There are 3 of them and they break down like this -

Code 0093
up 1-8
down 1-8
up 9-16
down 9-16
Buttons labeled 11-16
Code 0257
Buttons labeled A through P
Code 0183
Buttons labeled 1-16

For starters I only want to control a couple lights in the living room but we all know how things blossom after time. Do these functions look compatible with the functions of the IR543? Should I be able to use all X-10 features?

Looks to me like maybe the 0183 may be the best one but with them all programmed, I can hide them and still use them in a macro if needed.

Input welcome!! Thanks