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Title: Vanguard Software
Post by: itsmevic on July 09, 2010, 09:36:11 PM

    I'm having some difficulty getting my images to come through to the Server machine that has the Vanguard client installed on it.  My laptop in my office is acting as the host machine and has a built in web-camera on it.  When I launch the Vanguard client, click Connect all I see is what my web camera on my laptop is showing and not my wireless web cameras in the house. 

    I've tried disabling the web camera but when I did that I got the infamous Vanguard error message telling me that it could not detect the VA111A/VA12A drivers.  So I re-installed the drivers, rebooted and still got the error message.  I then re-enabled the camera and Vanguard launched with no errors but was still not showing the images from my X10 Wireless cameras in the house.

    In my bedroom, I went to the http://gate.x10.com launched it, connected and logged in, I can see my office but the picture is horrendous.  It's got so much color in it you can barely make out an image and is pixelated a lot.  I then changed the default channels on the wirelsss cameras from A1 and A2 to D1 and D2 to see if that would help, it doesn't.  Everything is installed and set-up properly (It's not hard, the set-up that is) but it's still not working.  Any support that I could get setting this up so the cameras work would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Title: Re: Vanguard Software
Post by: Brian H on July 10, 2010, 06:07:33 AM
What settings did you change? The A-D Switch; under the small rubber plug;  RF channels or the House Code Unit Code dials on the addressable power supplies.
If you have one camera on A1-A4 and the other on D1-D4. Both cameras are on at the same time and stepping on each other. Only one camera can be on at a time.

The camera power supplies are controlled by a power line signal to the addressable supplies. All cameras should be on the same House Code and a Unit Code Group of 1-4;5-8;9-12 or 13-16. When any one in the group is turned on the other three go off. By default at power up. A camera defaults to on. So both of your cameras maybe on and interfeering with each other.
Title: Re: Vanguard Software
Post by: itsmevic on July 10, 2010, 06:26:20 AM
Hi Brian,

   My House Transceiver module is set to channel D and is set to 1-8 at the bottom of the module.  Camera 1 is set to D1.  Camera 2 is set to D2.  My Camera Control Remote is set to Channel D as well.  Hope that helps?