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Title: Nstinct (IR34A) remote
Post by: -Bill- (of wgjohns.com) on August 15, 2010, 02:07:26 AM
This review is in comparison to my Icon Remote RF (my Icon RF being the last beta version before the public release):

Mostly, the Nstinct appears to me to be a repackaged Icon RF with slightly worse X10 RF range and a modified key layout.

Don't get me wrong!  It is still a great universal remote, with the ability to learn IR codes it doesn't already include, and the best support for X10 devices I've ever seen in a universal remote!   8)

It is a worthy replacement for the Icon RF, which IMHO was a pretty darned good remote.

My wish list for the next version:

That's my two cents... less tax where applicable.   :'
Title: Re: Nstinct (IR34A) remote
Post by: ellliot on August 17, 2010, 12:11:57 PM
After using it for a day, it is an ergonomic disaster compared with its predecessor ICON remote.! I use it primarily with a cable DVR. The only good thing about it is the bigger, softer side keys. They made the transport keys (play, stop, pause, rewind, FF, record, replay and advance) smaller and closer together, almost impossible to use. The OK key and the 4 arrow keys around it are run together with no spacing. OK has a terrible feel. Moving the volume and channel keys away was a minor improvement.
I have to say that the ICON, even with its poor layout, is a much more comfortable and easier to use remote. I will dispose of the Nstinct ASAP....

I need to clarify. I use a remote by holding it in one hand and pressing keys with my thumb. This is most definitely a 2 handed remote!
Title: Re: Nstinct (IR34A) remote
Post by: dave w on August 17, 2010, 12:29:12 PM
OK, I just struck the endstink Nstinct from my Christmas list. I have two Icons (IR27s)...sounds like I should stick with them since this appears to be just a repackage. My bet is it is a "cost reduced" repackage.

Thanks  >!
Title: Re: Nstinct (IR34A) remote "Favorites do not work"
Post by: freemand on September 18, 2010, 10:57:49 AM
I have a new Icon Remote IR34A.  The "Favorites" do not work to select favorite channels.  The remote will turn the TV on and off, change volume, change channels, etc. 

When pressing a favorite key, the IR icon at the bottom of the display shows the red arrows indicating the remote is transmitting IR, but nothing happens to select the channel.

I read some post stating to change the Key Transmit Time for this problem, but that had no effect.

All suggestions will be appreciated.

Title: Re: Nstinct (IR34A) remote
Post by: jlittle on December 05, 2010, 05:51:23 PM
I too have an Icon Remote (which I have had since they first came out) and needed a new unit because the buttons on it are becoming worn and not always making contact. I figured the new Nstinct was the next upgrade to the Icon Remote and there would be improvements: wrong. I had to send back the first one because one of the side keys was not working. After using the new one for a month it feels like one of the other side keys might be starting to fail too. Overall the unit seems cheaper in looks and feel than the Icon which I really like.

I agree completely with Bill's review: smaller keys, harder to read, harder to use.

Elliot's comments also hit the nail on the head with trying to hit the OK button with your thumb. Half the time I get the Up instead because there is no spacing between the OK and the direction ring and the OK button is not raised above the direction ring.

I also find the side keys are harder to press because the different mechanical arrangement for the button, more of a side action lever than a button.

I was hoping for additional keys like PageUp & PageDn but alas there were none and using side keys for that is a pain.
My cable box (Cox/Motorola) control has a great arrangement of buttons (with PgUP and PgDn) but the Nstinct doesn't come close to its usability. If only the cable remote were programmable like the Icon Remote ...

I would take an Icon Remote over the Nstinct any day just because of the look and feel and also since there really isn't much difference functionally.

The programmability is great but the Nstinct was a disappointment after having using an Icon.