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Title: I need help
Post by: 9nick0 on February 20, 2011, 12:16:35 AM
I just purchased 3 socket rockets, 3 of the 14a outdoor motion sensors, and a 110db power horn siren.  I cannot figure out what I need to send a signal to the socket rockets or if I need to buy something else.  I have the powerhouse PS561 with wireless key fobs and a sh624 remote control.  Also, I cannot figure out how to set the power horn siren to sound with the rest of the system.  I though you just had to have the code and home set to the same number and letter.  And lastly, I tried to set one of the outdoor motion sensors to any other setting other than 1/A and I cannot figure out how to do it.  I followed the instructions.   
Title: Re: I need help
Post by: Brian H on February 20, 2011, 09:44:56 AM
Exactly what do you want the MS14As to do?
The PS561 can act as a transceiver for the MS14A motion sensors. As long as the Console's House Code is the same House code used by the motion sensors.

The SH624 remote has four X10 button sets on it. It can control X10 modules on the same house code the console is set to and units 1-4.

The PH508 is a special case. You can not send it a single X10 On signal for it to start sounding. It has to see a continuous cycle of either X10 On and Off commands to it's address or All Lights On All Units Off sent to the house code by the PS561 console during an alarm. Setting it to the same house code and unit code may cause it to chirp when the consloe is armed away. X10 says for your console. You can set the house code to match the console and use any unit code except the security light unit code.
Title: Re: I need help
Post by: 9nick0 on February 20, 2011, 04:42:03 PM
Thanks for responding,  I would like the 14a's to set off different chimes in my house.   I have 1 in my driveway which sets off the chime in my bedroom so that I know somebody is walking in my front yard.  I bought 3 more to set around my property but I need to be able to distinguish each of them seperately.  So I was going to set the chimes at different locations inside, and to different house/unit codes. 

With the socket rockets do I need to buy a different controller or no?  I want to be able to turn them on when my wife comes home with the wireless key fobs "lights on" button. 

And lastly, with the power horn,  do I need to do anything special to set it with the main controller?
Title: Re: I need help
Post by: dave w on February 20, 2011, 05:49:52 PM
So I was going to set the chimes at different locations inside, and to different house/unit codes. 
Excepting the CM15A, all X10 tranceivers TM751, RR501, PS561 can only transceive one house code at a time. So you would need a transceiver for each HC you plan on using. Or use a CM15A and AHP.
Title: Re: I need help
Post by: Brian H on February 20, 2011, 06:08:30 PM
If you want the security keyfobs Lights On button to turn on the socket rockets. Program the socket rocket to the security light address.

No any X10 power line controller or transceiver on the house code the socket rockets are programmed to. Can control them.

The PH508 powerhorn can only be set off by an alarm condition from the security console. Set it to the same house code as the security code address is and use an unassigned unit code. you can also use the same house and unit code as the security lights but I believe they my chirp when you arm away.

Title: Re: I need help
Post by: 9nick0 on February 23, 2011, 11:29:53 PM
Ok,  thanks to your help I have set up the socket rockets.  I still don't fully understand them.  I have a double spotlight but I can only use one of the socket rockets,  it won't work if I plug one into both of them.  It will also only work when the other light is on.  So it kind of defeats the purpose, I have to have the other light on all of the time to turn on the socket rocket for the other light.  I tried just putting a burnt out bulb in the other one so that I could still turn on the socket rocket but that didnt work either. 

As far as the motion sensors, I never really got an answer for setting them up to chime individually.  I have one and it chimes when somebody comes down my driveway.  I have 3 others that I want to chime when they are tripped as well.  I wan't them to chime different chimes in the house,  not the same one.  I tried the included instructions so any help would be appreciated.  Thanks to your help I atleast got somewhere with the socket rockets.  The instructions you gave were totally different than the instructions included, and yours actually worked.   
Title: Re: I need help
Post by: Brian H on February 24, 2011, 06:21:40 AM
Is the double spot light controlled by a manual wall switch?
If the double spot light is controlled by a wall switch. It will have to be left on for the socket rocket to work.
Does the dual spot light have any type of built in light sensor to go on a dusk?
Please clarify. If you try a socket rocket in both spot light sockets. Both do not work?

Chimes controlled by motion sensors. PS561 is acting like the transceiver. Taking the RF command from the motion sensor and sending it on the power line to the chimes.
If you want each chime to be sounded when one motion sensor is triggered. Each chime and motion sensor will have to be on the same address but different than the others. Like M1 motion would sound the chime on M1 but others like M3 M5 would not as they are on a different address.
Since motion sensors have a dusk dawn feature. The next highest unit code should not be used for a chime or it will ring at dusk.
The House Code you pick will have to also match the security one. If you want to use a different house code from the security consloe. Then an added transceiver would be needed. We feel the RR501 is best as it is polite and also can be controlled by a power line signal. Many have used the TM751 with no problems.