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Title: Firmware Development
Post by: JeffVolp on April 08, 2011, 12:10:39 PM

Taxes are done for another year, so I can start devoting my “spare” time to firmware development.

I am aware of an issue with the XTBM regarding extended commands being reported as noise.  I believe that was an unintended side effect of the mod at version 1.04 to display noise even when the XTBM is in the process of decoding a command.  Also, some extended commands are being incorrectly decoded as normal X10 commands.  These will both be addressed as I work on the XTBM Pro code.

If there are any other issues or quirks that you may have discovered, please let me know either here or by email.  Feedback from the field is the only way I can make these units even better.