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Title: Affiliate program data feed quality
Post by: floppya on June 12, 2011, 11:18:43 AM
Hello, I signed up for the affiliate program and noticed the quality of the data offered by the 'data feed' is pretty hit or miss.

For instance:
 * All of the description fields are capped at 252 characters so most of them are truncated.
 * In some instances, it's obvious the name and description fields have been swapped. 
 * The set of products the csv contains and those of the javascript based catalog are disjoint.
 * There are 2500 rows of ',,,,,,' in the tail of the file.
 * Some prices and shipping deals seem out of date
 * Redundant categories

Some of the data quality can be dealt with (e.g. thousands of empty rows) but things like descriptions and prices really ought to be clean. Is there some other preferred data source I should be working with, or is this is as good as it gets?