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Title: What PC remote is compatible with the NStinct remote?
Post by: aab1 on July 04, 2011, 11:24:09 PM
With both my PC remotes, about 99 out of 100 attempts to learn a button will fail. Now suppose I do 500 attempts and get 5 that give "success" instead of "failure", well out of those 5 I'm lucky if one works. This means hundreds and hundreds of learn attempts per button before I get something that works sometimes.

I assume this remote (I don't know what it is but one button on it has the Windows logo) is sending too complex commands for the NStinct to understand them. I have another PC remote from Thermaltake but it's even worst than this other remote.

So I obviously need to get a new remote system for my PC which is what I use the remote for the most (my PC is my TV/DVD player), which ones are tried and tested to be fully learnable by the NStinct?

BTW I had the IconRemote before which was great but failed after one too many drops on the hard floor after many years of use.