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Title: SC1200 Problem - RMA time?
Post by: davepfjr on July 24, 2011, 02:02:09 PM
I did some searching on this forum and did not find anything quite like my issue:

Started installing my brand new SC1200 package, and at first all went perfectly.  I paired both keychain remotes (KR10A) and and two door/window sensors (DS10A).  The next day I decided I wanted all door/window sensors zoned by room.  I cleared Zone 1 and 2 per the instructions, then tried to start adding them back by going into Install mode, pressing OK, when Zone appeared pressing 1, but the sensor did not seem to register as there were no tones.  Tried adding the second one, then tried just adding letting the console choose the zone.  Nothing.  I then tried using the keychain remotes again, now they aren't working either.  Went through all clear and reset options, no change.

Next I removed power and batteries from everything and let it sit at least 8 hours.  Powered up the console, paired both remotes with no trouble.  Took a brand new door/window sensor out, attempted to add it to Zone 3, and the problems started all over again.  Nothing working, not even the keychain remotes which I had just paired and tested.  Tried all resets again, no change.  This time I did notice there is a very brief error when using Master Reset.  I can make out "Error load..." but that's it.  Not sure if relevant.  Anyway I removed all power and batteries again, let sit for 5 hours, nothing would pair.  Let it sit for over 12 hours with no power, still cannot get anything to pair.  One keychain will not even indicate going into pairing mode as I do not see two flashes after holding Arm for 4 seconds.  The other one did, but would not pair.  Tried another new door/window sensor just for the heck of it, nothing.

Did I get a bad console and the rezoning problem was just coincidental?  

Title: Re: SC1200 Problem - RMA time?
Post by: Brian H on July 24, 2011, 02:36:23 PM
It sounds like the console was failing when you started the Zone changes.
You should not have been able to break it doing what you did and I don't think you broke it.
I have removed and moved zones with no problems.
Title: Re: SC1200 Problem - RMA time?
Post by: davepfjr on July 24, 2011, 06:40:59 PM
Thank you, I will call tomorrow and see about returning the console.  One follow-up though:  If everything is working normally, should I be able to do a Master Reset and then immediately start adding remotes and sensors back in following the instructions or are other steps required?
Title: Re: SC1200 Problem - RMA time?
Post by: Brian H on July 24, 2011, 06:49:47 PM
A Master Reset should set everthing back to default.
PIN 000, all remotes and zones gone. All the options and delays back to default.
Phone Numbers and message gone.

You should not have to do anything special after a Master Reset except start from scratch.
Title: Re: SC1200 Problem - RMA time?
Post by: davepfjr on July 24, 2011, 07:01:39 PM
Thanks again.  I have been playing with it again over the past couple of hours, and at one point had it back up and running on the two installed sensors and remotes.  Tried to add another that did not register, then everything stopped for a bit (even key remotes).  After waiting 10-15 minutes, I pressed test on one of the door sensors, it went off and everything started working.  Then failure adding, same symptoms.  Master Reset, now cannot add anything.  I guess I just don't want to accept having to return it and enjoy  B:(  Hopefully their customer service is easy to deal with.