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Title: XPFM to control outside CFL flood lights...help
Post by: nabril15 on August 01, 2011, 10:56:54 PM
I want to control a regular outdoor flood light with motion sensor via x10 controller and a normal light switch; it will have CFL bulbs.
My power source (I am taking power from my pool light--120v) does not have a white wire so I cannot use an XPS3, and the PR511 X-10 flood light is too expensive and fancy for my purpose.

I want the flood lights to come on with motion (as normal), or for me to force it on using either my x10 remote controller or the light switch outside that will get power from the same box as the pool light.

Can I accomplish this using the XPFM if I install it inside the flood light's gangbox? Or do I have to install it 4 feet away from ballast (say at the box).

Title: Re: XPFM to control outside CFL flood lights...help
Post by: dave w on August 02, 2011, 09:18:31 AM
You might not be able to force the motion sensor light ON by cycling the power through the XPFM (as if toggling the standard power switch to get the light to manually turn on). The XPFM leaks power to the load even in the OFF state. So the motion sensor light may not see a complete interuption of power when you cycle the XPFM off and then back on to get the motion sensor light to manually trigger on. I had this problem in the past, but it might work on your particular brand of motion sensor.

If you are planning on using the XPFM to "jump power" around the lights motion sensor circuitry, that *should* work although the leakage through the XPFM in the OFF state would be back feeding the lights motion sensor circuitry.