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Title: Extremely Dissapointed
Post by: zappenfusen on January 12, 2012, 05:25:03 PM
I've utilized X-10 modules, wireless switches, etc. for 3+ decades. My son's were raised with an X-10 remote adjacent to their bed's. X-10 dealt me an outright "Bait but no switch" on 12/20/2011 which is also my birthday, S.O.B.s. I was assured by land line, yes, verbally by my home phone that my order would arrive before Christmas. On the 23rd of December I received an E-Mail that The Hot Deal Security Bundle I had been assured by Eric Boyd via phone, yes, verbally ($88.00) was not in stock & X-10 had no idea when it would be. I'm amazed Eric could not have been aware of this 2 days before. The biggest sucker punch was that X-10 had taken the liberty to bill my credit card for the  purchase of a product they did not have & had no idea of when they would. I was told as soon as the system became available it would be shipped. If this doesn't cross the  line to outright FRAUD I only need remember previous experiences when ordering from X-10. I've usually come out on the poor end when an X-10 order has been screwed up, however on rare occasions I was offered free enticements to continue my fascination with home control. On this occasion I was billed for a non-existent product, verbally promised it would arrive before 12/25/2011, only to be advised even though BILLED IN FULL that X-10 had not a clue when they could actually produce the order. I'm going to miss X-10 & as soon as I can have the charge removed from my statement as Eric Boyd stated in my last contact from X-10, I will move up to some Quality products which use power line noise, interference, RF intrusion, etc. for  remote home control. It took 25 years for me to learn my lesson & I hope this will shorten the learning curve for many, if published. Never forget, "You get what you pay for, & sometimes not".
Never again,
Walt Arnsdorff   
Title: Extremely Dissapointed
Post by: dave w on January 13, 2012, 02:45:12 PM
You are pretty much preaching to the choir here Walt. There is no need to post it multiple times, we get it.