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Title: Air Sight software
Post by: tomh on November 15, 2012, 08:29:32 AM
I recently bought the XX34A camera and got it running without too much hassle.  My issue revolves around trying to get past the sign in screen with the user name and password.  I click on the http address and it pops up, but it takes a bit of a struggle for my computer to do so.  I have to wait for the cursor to start blinking and once that happens I attempt to enter my user name.  I enter the name and hit enter.  From this point on everything slows down as it tries to process this info.  Eventually (after several minutes) it comes back with a Microsoft Runtime error.  It doesn't freeze, but it's more like a loop.  It may take a few reboots of the computer to get the one chance it might work.  Using XP and latest IE.  Granted, it's an old computer with a Pentium D chip.  Any suggestions?  Remove and reload the software?