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Title: Smart Macro using MS16A Motion Sensor and Remote Chime SC546A Driveway Alert
Post by: edjal on December 14, 2012, 01:26:20 PM
Hello all
   I am new to this forum and I reasearched  the forum for abut 10 hours with no results.  Perhaps someone can enlighten me. It would be greatly appreciated. I am using Win XPpro.  I am trying to create a smart macro running from the  interface CM15A. I have ver 3.318 Active Home Pro & Smart macro software. Its fairly basic I would like to setup up motion sensor MS16a on B2 and Remote chime SC546A on B1. The MS16a is set to detect motion at all times with the +1 option and a 2 minute pause to turn off module. I have selected in smart macro the Condition between these times, 8am to 11pm I want the chime to operate between the hours of 8am to 11pm only. If I select run from pc it works correctly but when I select run from interface it ignores the time constraints and does not sound chime on B1 unles I change chime address to B2 same as the sensor address. Can anyone help me with a smartmacro to run this setup from the interface? Thank You in advance   Edjal