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Title: iphone home controller
Post by: *Bob on January 04, 2013, 05:32:07 PM
Hi again Tuicemen, see you are here as well!  Thanks for your reply earlier.  Thought I would try this site too, please donít be mad at me.

Hello everyone, not quite sure where to post, but Iíll try here.  My name is Bob and Iím new to the forum, home automation and smart phones.  Yea, Iím older.  I have taken interest in this area since I have an iphone and Activehome Pro already up and running. Well, I came across this free software that lets you control your lights etc. from your phone.  It has step by step instructions and seemed easy enough, so I thought Iíd try it:

My problem is, once I got the latest 2.1 release up and running I constantly get an error message every time I use it.  As soon as I turn lights on and off or an appliance module on and off, the error pops up. When this happens, it disables my abilities to further control the modules and I must click on the error (donít send to Microsoft button) to resume control. This is a never ending cycle that continues indefinitely.

The error is as follows:

X10 ActiveHome Scripting Commandline has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
AppName: ahcmd.exe AppVer: ModName: ole32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.6168 Offset: 00121f3b

I have tried changing modules, codes etc, and completely uninstalled Activehome Pro and did a fresh install with currant upgrades to no avail. I also went through the 2.1 tutorial procedure a second time in case I missed something, but nothing changed. If I could get around this error problem the system seems that it would work just fine.

If you are able to offer any help, please do. I really would like to get this running properly.

Thanks for your help,

Title: Re: iphone home controller
Post by: Brian H on January 04, 2013, 07:17:45 PM
What version of AHP are you running?
The properties reported for my ahcmd.exe is and I am using AHP 3.318.
Not sure if this has any bearing on you problem.
Title: Re: iphone home controller
Post by: Tuicemen on January 05, 2013, 10:41:10 AM
Hey I'm not upset.
Your more likely to get help with this here.
I've had a bit more time to look at this web app.

The program uses AHCMD.exe that is included as an example in the SDK.
This small app (AHCMD) has issues when used with multiple calls.
A program that uses this instead of the AHscript.dll is asking for issues.

As Brian stated the properties don't corespond with the newest build, however that may be a issue with the code in the AHCMD.
The file is located in Program Files\common files\x10\common
Installing\updating the newest AHP should update this as well.

Also there are other 3rd party software solutions you may find here that would work better for you.
Many are free.
Title: Re: iphone home controller
Post by: *Bob on January 05, 2013, 02:37:43 PM
Thanks again Tuicemen, I appreciate your responses.  Unfortunately, Iím not savvy in this area of home control.  I bought AHP just for the fun of it and have enjoyed setting up timers and controlling lights etc.  When I saw this tutorial for the iphone, I had to try it.

Oh well, as you and Brian mentioned, there are issues with compatibility with what was then and what is now.  Also sounds like the program was unstable from the get-go.  I donít have enough knowledge in this area for tweaking it to a compatible state, or if its even possible, so Iíll take your advice and move on to something else.

Thanks for redirecting my post to the appropriate location; you have a great site here.

Thank you,