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Title: X10 Starter Kit - Lamp Module
Post by: MusikerongBundukero on April 02, 2013, 03:22:36 AM
Hi again dear friends.. I'm just taking chances, while I wait for answers from supplier of this kit... http://x10modules.com/shop/product_info.php? (http://x10modules.com/shop/product_info.php?)products_id=82

Is there anyone got an idea if a lamp module (the one with a lamp socket, to be installed "between" the lamp and the original socket) requires a neutral (additional) wire at all?  I mean we have 220V installed here in the Philippines with 110V each wire (giving 220V peak to peak, 60Hz).  Will that work??  If it does, seems like my original switch must be ON all the time, and there will be no more option for "traditional" ON/OFF in case of system failure.

Thanks for the generous answers.. :)
Title: Re: X10 Starter Kit - Lamp Module
Post by: Brian H on April 02, 2013, 05:55:43 AM
Your link shows no information for the kit. Just the main catalog page.
Are your light bulbs 120 or 220 volt bulbs?
The modules showing on other sales pages of the site are for 230 volt 50 cycle powered bulbs and maybe OK if your lamps are 220 volts.
Electricity Around the World web site shows your country is 220 volts 60 cycles.
Not sure how modules designed for 230 volts 50 cycles will be with 220 volts 60 cycles.
They also show two types of outlets in use. Look carefully at any modules that plug directly into the AC outlets. They may not match what you have.
Title: Re: X10 Starter Kit - Lamp Module
Post by: bkenobi on April 02, 2013, 10:44:39 AM
The clickable link is broken, but if you copy the text, it works fine.  Regardless, the module in question is called a LM15:

The LM15A (socket rocket, US version) looks different than this version.  The page does not look particularly useful as far as content.  However, assuming it will work with your power, the socket rocket is designed to be installed in a socket that is powered at all times.  If you manually turn off the power to the socket, it will not be able to function with X10.  You do not need neutral in your lamp.

Here's the us version for reference:

There is a manual in the x10modules.com link.  Here's the technical data on the module:

Technical data
Supply voltage: 230V 10% 50 Hz
Supply current : < 20 mA capacitive
Switching power: max. 100 W/230V for open shades, max. 60 W/230V for closed
shades. Does not contain a dimmer.
Signal sensitivity: 15 mVpp min 50 mVpp max at 120 kHz
Input impedance: > 55 Ohm (L - N) at 120 kHz
Ambient temperature: - 10 C to + 50 C (operation) - 20 C to + 70 C (storage)
Dimensions: 46x93 mm

I don't know if this will work for you.  If you have 220V@60Hz, that's not exactly the same as 230V@50Hz.  However, if you actually have 110V@60Hz, who knows.  Seems like you could check pretty easily with a multimeter (voltage anyway).
Title: Re: X10 Starter Kit - Lamp Module
Post by: gfriedman on April 03, 2013, 12:45:52 AM
Yes the lm15 will work fine on a 2 wire 220v system.  It also has local control so you can override whatever the x10 state was if system fails.   However as previous post says if your mains is switched off locally then x10 control is no longer possible.
Title: Re: X10 Starter Kit - Lamp Module
Post by: Brian H on April 03, 2013, 06:05:27 AM
To clarify.
The US LM15A will not work on 220 volts. As it is 120 volts 60 cycles.
The European LM15 is designed for 230 volts 50 cycles.
Title: Re: X10 Starter Kit - Lamp Module
Post by: MusikerongBundukero on May 04, 2013, 05:35:54 PM
Thanks guys. I asked the maker, they suggested a better alternative called LW15. Only two wire, replaces the current switch. No question about our 220V, 60Hz at all. Would work too, according to them.

The thing is, this module costs almost 3X as the screw-based lamp module. :( The thing is, it would be okay since I really don't have to worry about my current wiring.

I'm yet to start the proj in my own house.  I will focus on Lightings this time, later automatic watering system for my garden. I just hope that with my current 6 paralleled LED lamps (8W each), one LW15 will work.
Title: Re: X10 Starter Kit - Lamp Module
Post by: Brian H on May 04, 2013, 06:35:41 PM
I could not find a LW15 in a search.

If it is two wires it most likely steals power through the light bulbs.
Normally they need to be incandescent bulbs. So your switch may not work with LED bulbs and they would have to be dimmable. Some are not dimmable.

You may want to verify with your vendor. The LW15 can be used with LED bulbs and is not restricted to incandescent bulbs.