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Title: XPCP & XPCR New Home Installations
Post by: BobHelms on March 12, 2020, 02:07:49 AM
New house. New wiring. New XPCP or XPCR installation for a complete X-10 automation solution. What do you tell the electrical inspector when he ask questions about the XPCP or XPCR in a junction box with wiring that has no load and goes nowhere? If anyone knows what section(s) of the NEC this device and associated wiring is referenced would you please share it with me? TIA for your help.
Title: Re: XPCP & XPCR New Home Installations
Post by: Brian H on March 12, 2020, 06:13:42 AM
Do you have the modules instruction sheets? They are available on the X10 web site. They may help you. With the proper connections and breakers need for installation.

I would say don't use a coupler. Too many modern gadgets making X10 problems.
A coupler repeater would be better. Note the XPCR is very large and need a triple width  box.

Jeff's XTB-IIR is the best repeater I have seen. I believe it should be connected with a 220V line cored to a 220V outlet. I am not sure what its certification's are.
Title: Re: XPCP & XPCR New Home Installations
Post by: brobin on March 12, 2020, 10:36:50 AM
I'll 2nd, 3d & 4th that (I've installed them in 3 homes).  The XTB-IIR is, by far, the best and over the years I've tried them all.  Just have the electrician install a 220 volt outlet next to the electrical panel and no explanation needed.