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Title: Time goes out and range goes Kaput
Post by: me too on February 09, 2006, 02:01:30 PM
Every two or three days something suddenly
goes wrong with the timers and sensitivity
of the unit.  I first notice that the
reception of the unit becomes terrible and
my stick a switch stops working and the hand
held remote will not work unless I get close
to the CMA15.  Then at around 8:30 PM a
light turns off 2-1/2 hours early.  At this
point I connected the unit to my PC to try
and download the timers again and the PC
will not recognize the Active Home USB
device.  I have to remove the batteries to
clear the unit then download timers and
macros.  Everything goes well for a couple
of days then the same thing happens.

I used to get several months or more with no

Any suggestions?