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Title: AHP & MyHouse update to v3.198 available
Post by: X10 Pro on December 07, 2005, 08:16:20 PM
It's been a while, but a new version of
ActiveHome Pro is available. We jumped from
version 3.187 to 3.198 due to development on
the MyHouse Online Internet Plug-in. Changes
in this version are:

- Fixed a problem that caused some imported
original ActiveHome files to have all times
converted to AM

- Fixed a problem with Merge and timers for
macros, potentially crashing AHP

- Fixed Hardware config displaying in
24-hour time, even if unchecked in Preferences

- Corrected "Address Only" advanced command
so that it is PC-only, and now works as it should

- Added preference to send ON instead of
Bright 100% command for lamp modules in
Macros (Macro Options Tab)

- Added a "Troubleshooting" entry to the
Help menu with links to help resources on the
X10 web site

- iWitness: Revised messaging & help when
ActiveHome Pro cannot get video source.

- iWitness: Added 4x4 camera grid view for
users with more than 9 cameras.

- MyHouse Online: Added alternate e-mail
method for cases when primary method is rejected.

- MyHouse Online: Revised Status window
messaging to remove NtaSysConnClosed message
and add meaningful information.

- MyHouse Online: Added caution message for
remote users.

- MyHouse Online: Fixed a problem that could
prevent Start & Stop of camera scanning from

You can download the update installer
directly from here:


You can install the previous version (3.187)
using this installer:


If you have any problems with this new
version, please let us know.