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Title: MyHouse OFFline
Post by: jj on January 08, 2006, 08:42:37 PM
So, people have been complaining of inability
to connect to the MyHouse server for a month
and it's STILL worthless? Why are they
selling a non-functional product? (again!)
Clearly I didn't wait long enough for them to
shake out the bugs because, even with
software firewall disabled, hardware firewall
bypassed, and properly registered software
and plugins, I've been unable to connect to
MyHouse at all.

Assuming this turkey ever flies, it would
make sense to put a message indicating that
the client is downloading and will take a
loooong time. A blank web page for several
minutes on a cable connection is not at all
reassuring. It would also behoove those
writing the manual for this software to note
that ports 80 and 8001 need to be opened.
This sort of information shouldn't have to be
ferreted out.

X10 needs to fire the cheesy, tabloid-style
ad department goons and get some competent
coders and on the payroll.
Title: Re: MyHouse OFFline
Post by: X10 Pro on January 09, 2006, 12:35:20 PM
JJ: We are working on the server problems
that have been occurring. I'm sure we'll get
them resolved soon. Likewise, we're going to
be dramatically decreasing the size of the
client so that it loads much more quickly. As
it is, you should only have to load it once
and not need to download it again unless a
new version is available. I agree that a
message about the download is a good idea,
and will get something up on the page to
explain what's happening.