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Title: AHP update to v3.200 available
Post by: X10 Pro on February 01, 2006, 04:47:00 PM
Version 200 of ActiveHome Pro is now
available. It contains the following changes:

- Added a Macro Library feature to support
wizard configuration of pre-built
macro/module sets.

- MyHouse: Added macro commands for
starting/stopping a dial-up connection to ISP.

- MyHouse: Fixed the automatic dial-up
connection timer not working to close
connection to the ISP.

- Fixed a problem with the display of chime
modules in the Macro Designer.

- Fixed incorrect text sequence in the Intro

- Fixed a problem that caused the Activity
Monitor to not display events correctly.

- Fixed a problem with the prefernce for
changing the number of events displayed in
Activity Monitor.

- Fixed screen drawing issue with potential
to cause application instability.

- Changed Video Window display with MyHouse
installed to not show video quality sliders
if not connected to MyHouse service.

We'll be offering pre-built macros as part of
some upcoming promotions, and as a way to
show our users how to do more with ActiveHome
Pro. You forum users are likely to know how
to do the things that will be in these
configurations, but most of our users
probably don't.

The next update should be coming soon. We're
working on some fixes and improvements in
MyHouse online, and a couple other things.
We'll also still working on the general
stability of the MyHouse Service.

You can download this update directly from:


Use this installer to revert to the previous