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Title: CM15A / Software clock error (?)
Post by: Tigger on June 20, 2005, 10:45:08 PM
AHP 1.387 + CM15A - 04J44

This will be my first report of
"odd behavior" from my CM15A.

Unit operates stand-alone,
away from the computer.

About 10 days after upgrade from 3.186,
simple DELAYS stopped working.

Macros worked correctly, as did general
transceiver functions.

Unplugging the unit, and removing the
batteries had no impact.

Plugging it into the computer, and going
to Hardware Config showed "00" under battery
time remaining, although the light was green.

The on-screen time was correct, although I
don't know if it obtains that from the
interface, or from the computer.

I reset the battery status, and hit
"Update interface".  This fixed the problem.