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Title: Floodcam Wiring
Post by: xmradiojunkie on January 06, 2005, 08:04:17 PM
I just recieved my first floodcam.  I would
like to place it in the attic but there are
no junction boxes up there. ( The
installation instructions say to mount it
to a junction box).  I was thinking I could
wire it to an extention cord and just plug
it in.  Will this work?  How important is
the green ground wire and what would I
connect it to in this situation?  Has
anyone tried this?
Title: Re: Floodcam Wiring
Post by: al on January 06, 2005, 08:47:19 PM
If you can mount it without a box,  it will
work connected directly to any wire.  Just
wire it per the  instructions, it will work
without connecting the ground.  Mount it so
the flood lights will not start a fire they
get very hot.
Hope this helps.
Title: Re: Floodcam Wiring
Post by: xmradiojunkie on January 06, 2005, 10:10:28 PM
Thanks!!!  My power issue is solved.  Now a
silly question.  Is it ok to use regular
light bulbs instead of floodlamps?
Title: Re: Floodcam Wiring
Post by: al on January 07, 2005, 10:07:19 PM
Yes any light should work OK.  Do you really
need the camera or you could just use a
motion detector floor light fixture with
regular light bulbs.
Title: Re: Floodcam Wiring
Post by: xmradiojunkie on January 08, 2005, 12:43:50 PM
I like the flood/cam as it is I just wanted
to know what options I had for different
uses.  If this one works well for me I
might buy more of them.  I have this one
mounted to the rafters in the attic.  I am
trying to catch the critter(s) that are
coming in and chewing up all my stuff.
Thanks for all your help!!
Title: Re: Floodcam Wiring
Post by: 2pyrs on January 09, 2005, 11:06:08 PM
 I am sorry but I don’t agree about the
wiring. Ground is very important and should
be used especially if fixture is near
water. I hope your wiring is not old in
your home and is grounded. You can wire
ground to the outlet box by extending the
ground wire and placing a flanged spade or
a butted end clip or a ground plug. Remove
outlet cover screw and place infront of
cover putting the screw threw the clip and
replace all. The best way would be to
replace the receptacle with a 3 prong one
and wire your new plug end with a three
plug in. You well need to buy some
insulated ground wire, measure how long to
the out let. After set up you can tape
ground wire to the other wires with out
removing the insulation from either of
them. Most local diy’s can set you up with
what you need.
As to the light well that can be bad as
well. Where you are suggesting placing the
lights can be very dangerous, the amount of
heat of most standard bulbs is high enough
to start a fire if place near paper and
some woods. If the area you are placing
this unit is dry and making sure there are
NO objects around touching the light I
would be sure to get a cool running bulb.
Do not use such bulbs out doors or near
water they can explode and start a fire. I
have a motion light on the front of my barn
and it has a yellow light made for outdoors
in it and I made sure to place the gasket
on the bulb before putting it in and made
sure it is pointing down as to not to hold
water in the socket.