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Title: X-10 Compatability
Post by: shomper on October 09, 2005, 05:11:33 PM
 I have a older RS Security system with
Phone dialer. It is a 49-2551A.
Will any of my items like the Lamp module
and Power horn work on the X-10 system?
Title: Re: X-10 Compatability
Post by: Brian H on October 09, 2005, 06:50:01 PM
Yes. The 49-2251A uses X10 line signals and
I believe was made by X10 for R.S. The
powerhorn will work with an X10 DS7000
Security System. It requires a set of All
Lights ON; All Units OFF commands to sound.
So a simple X10 ON signal to it will not
trigger it. It will also respond to a X10 ON
OFF code cycle on the House/Unit code the
wheels are set to.