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Title: CM19A Boom related issue
Post by: bigbear1969 on April 23, 2006, 09:49:49 PM
I would like to use the CM19A to control iTunes and various DVD/mpg programs not currently supported by BOOM. Is there anything similar to LIRC* that will work with the CM19A?

*LIRC is an app that accepts signals from an infrared to serial converter and allows you to program certain responses to each ir signal received. For example, you can point a vcr remote at the receiver, press the "on" button. LIRC receives the signal and you assign it to open your mpg player. Afterwards, this signal will always open the designated application.

I want to program boom (or some other app) to receive signals from an old dishnet RF remote (thru the CM19A) and use them to open and operate my choice of applications.