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Title: News On www.x10minitimer.com
Post by: x10marko on May 18, 2006, 06:52:01 PM
You asked and we delivered:

So many of you wanted more MiniTimer choices that we had to come through with the goods. Starting this week we’ve implemented new MiniTimer packages that contain the X10 components you want.

Energy Saver Packages – Include Heavy Duty and Universal Modules

Security Packages – Include the Floodlight Motion Sensor and Eagle Eye Motion Detector

Parental Control Package – Includes the wired Super Socket appliance module so your kids don’t unplug it

Bathroom Fan Package – With the wired Decorator/Dimmer Switch for both fan and lighting control.

Outdoor Lighting Package – Everything you need for outdoor lighting.

Indoor Lighting – All your indoor lighting needs.

Chime Kit – turn your whole house into an alarm clock

Kitchen Package
– Make that coffee first thing in the morning

Also hot off the press:

- Articles by Dave Rye on X10 Home Automation capabilities and why X10 beats Insteon every time.
- X10 Company History and About Us information – Now you know all about X10!
- Google Groups - Join the X10 MiniTimer Google Group today!

Go to http://www.x10minitimer.com/news.html for details.