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Title: Voice Dialer calling randomly & Listen In does not work
Post by: lazytongs on July 05, 2006, 09:05:28 AM
I recently installed an x10 system and everything appeared to be fine.  I tested the alarm system and it worked fine, except I didn't let it run long enough to call my cell phone (which is programmed into all 4 number slots).  I am having a problem with the voice dialer PS561.

I was on vacation and received 12 messages from the voice dialer that there was an intrusion.  When I was driving home, it called again and after pressing 0 when instructed it would not let me listen in and hung up on me.

When I got home the alarm went off as I opened the door.  It had never actually gone off.  The voice dialer called me for no reason?  It looks like I did lose power once or twice, but that shouldn't affect it anyway.

Has anyone any experience with any of this?