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Title: X10 Newbie
Post by: tmitchell_5188 on July 12, 2006, 11:22:44 PM
Hi, I'm new to the world of X10.  Well, sort of.  I played around with an old telphone responder 20+ years ago to turn on the heat in my cabin. And worked with a wireless X10 (hacked into), to make a motion sensing game camera (another users foram). Anyway,  I have a problem.  I have a place on a lake in northern michigan, and someone is tampering with my boat at night.  This is what I'd like to do, and I have some pieces already.

I'd like to set up multiple sensors, to turn on my outside lights, and record video of anyone in my yard at night.  This should be easy right?

I have 2 remote sensors, VCR control, and a camera (not low light).  I guess I need a wall switch for halogen spot lights, and some sort of a controller too.  I'm missing my IR cable, but found one that I got with a VCR years ago.  I hope that works.

Do I need anything else?  I don't have internet service, so posting my pictures would not work.  I have an oldr Sharp TV with a built in VCR.

I'd like to add the low light camera too.  Any other ideas?


Title: Re: X10 Newbie
Post by: Duck69 on July 13, 2006, 11:13:13 AM
 :) Hello tmitchell_5188,
The answer is yes. I know that you want a more indept answer and I'm sure you will get those.
However, I do want to share some advise with you.
Only you know just what your needs are and the layout of the area you want to protect.
My advise to you is to read the forums ask questions no matter how trivial and read the forums.
Plan on doing a lot of reading, you'll be amazed how much you will learn.
Don't buy anything until you are completely satisified that you know exactly what you need and what you have to do.
I know that you're probable in a rush to get this done. But doing your research first will in the long run actually save you time and money.
You'll also have far fewer problems.
Good luck on your project.