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Title: Brightness Problem
Post by: _m_k on August 07, 2006, 12:05:10 PM
Two problems/Bugs in CM11A regarding dim/bright:

1. "+50% Relative" command will first make the lamp 100% bright, then 50% bright, very bad for lamp's life.
    This happens if the switch is at Off state.

2. "-100% Relative" command becomes "0% Absolute" (i.e. Off), creating the problem above.

To solve above problem, an extra macro must be created to have two commands:
On="+50% Relative", and Off="-90% Relative".

The problem with this solution is that if you press On two times, the brightness is 100%, and Off makes 10% bright, not completely off.

Are these two problem fixed in AHPro?


Title: Re: Brightness Problem
Post by: steven r on August 07, 2006, 12:35:23 PM
As mentioned elsewhere, other than for presettable switches, the need to brighten first is a hardware limitation of switch itself. X10 programs have no way to read the current state of those switches and act accordingly. No amount of programming can change that. This means the CM15A or any future software can not change that. The only work around is to leave your lights dimmed to a "visually off" setting such as 2% instead of turning them off. Keep in mind even a brief power interuption will result in the switch being left in the off position.
I'm not sure what the result of a "-100% Relative" command would be as I've never considered it. It would be logical for it to be OFF, however. I could test it with the CM15A if you like.