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Author Topic: Where's the RC Car?  (Read 6749 times)


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Where's the RC Car?
« on: September 13, 2006, 09:17:16 PM »

I'd appreciate some advice on modules to use for a demo I need to put together. I've written a computer software program that controls things and I'd like to control some X10 or similar modules. The demo I'd like to put together would involve an RC car being detected at five points along a table, detecting that it passed those points with a PC, and then turn on a light and play a recorded sound when it passes one specific point on the table. It would probably be just a straight run down the length of the table with the motion detectors spread evenly along the table. Maybe the fourth detector would cause a light to turn on and a sound to get played. I'm OK with programming a serial connection or implementing an X10 interface into my control software.

Any ideas on what modules would work for this?

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