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Author Topic: Tips and Helpfull Suggestions (OnAlert)  (Read 34043 times)


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Tips and Helpfull Suggestions (OnAlert)
« on: October 06, 2006, 11:17:32 AM »

This will be a work in progress since I've just started using this plug-in!
  • Some Smartmacros have to be downloaded to the interface to work properly but using a security module won't let you! first discovered by RJMiller the fix is here
  • Want to arm/disarm my system but you don't have a security base console? Here's the trick!
  • In order to have all your security modules on one house code you must specify the address before you specify module type when configuring the modules
    If you don't fix is here pointed out by JMac clarified with pic from me!
  • Add sound for when sensors are triggered Topic: X10WavPlayer(Add Sound to AHP)
  • I can't stress this enough Always have a backup of your AHX file
  • Use Phantoms/dummy/virtual modules to trigger macros you wish your security devices to
    Here's How:

If you find any tidbit of helpful info in a post and would like it added Please PM me ![/list]
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