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Do You (Still) Use The CM11A?!?

YES - It's The *ONLY* Way To Go!
- 35 (47.9%)
YES - BUT I Also Have a CM15A That I'm "Testing" :)
- 7 (9.6%)
YES - BUT I Also Have a NON-X10 Controller That I'm "Testing" :(
- 2 (2.7%)
NO - I've Upgraded To The CM15A And I'm Happy With It
- 16 (21.9%)
NO - I've Upgraded To The CM15A And I'm Disappointed With It
- 4 (5.5%)
- 9 (12.3%)

Total Members Voted: 72

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Author Topic: Do You (?Still?) Use The CM11A As Your PRIMARY Home Controller?!?  (Read 137249 times)


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Re: Do You (?Still?) Use The CM11A As Your PRIMARY Home Controller?!?
« Reply #45 on: March 16, 2022, 03:50:43 PM »

Not my primary controller, but my X10 universe is still alive and kicking thanks to the HABridge, Heyu software, and the CM11A.  Five years ago I implemented these on a Raspberry Pi per instructions on and easily enabled Alexa voice control for my existing setup. 
Nearly a year ago I started on the journey into the world of Home Assistant.  Thanks to a fellow by the name of Mark Motley, who had just posted his "X10 MQTT Gateway" Home Assistant add-on, I was able to incorporate my X10 ecosystem into Home Assistant.  Alexa voice control, automations, and scenes, together with state-of-the-art UI interfaces are integrated with 

My X10 system dates back more than 20 years when I used the IBM Home Director software to program the CM11A with macros and scenes that would "soft-start" the entry-level lamp modules and wall dimmers, with OFF commands that would then dim them to 1% (essentially off for an incandescent bulb). One side benefit was that many of the incandescent bulbs have never needed to be replaced. The integration with newer systems has been almost seamless, as the newer technologies only need to transmit RF commands (as I was used to performing via PalmPads) to the X10 system.  I am also able to use existing XPT and Leviton wall-mounted transmitters to trigger non-X10 devices and automations.


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Re: Do You (?Still?) Use The CM11A As Your PRIMARY Home Controller?!?
« Reply #46 on: March 17, 2022, 09:53:36 PM »

And i am still using my CM11A full time and have been for years (decades).  I also have a spare.  But starting about a year ago I've been converting to WiFi smart plugs and bulbs. 

My house X10 thermostat is having issues and I haven't had my HVAC always-on fan setting all winter.  The last two winters that feature would start working about half way into the winter.  So I bought an Ecobee smart thermostat and will be converting to that once we get out of the single digit and lower temps.

My house is about 44 years old and the wiring will not support the replacement WiFi receptacles and switches. So I am going with the plug-in modules and smart bulbs.

I've changed my YES vote from 2019 to NO.  I'm still working on adding to my WiFi based system.  I have 3 light switches to revert back to standard so that I can used WiFi bulbs, as well as the thermostat.  I do now have a mesh wifi router that will do Zigbee or one of those other controllers.  Just this week I unplugged 2 desktop transmitters and put them in my excess inventory X10 box of new and used devices.
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