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Author Topic: Getting the (TR551 or TR16A) to Cohabit Amicably With An Answering Machine  (Read 47638 times)

Brian H

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Zach1234; What worked for Oldtimer may not work for you. Many things may vary like the interface your phone company is using and the distance from the interface your phones are. The value of the resistors used may have to be adjusted in your situation.


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Well it worked before by buttons on unit and phone, Once i did the mod phone in did not work. I cut off the part I did the mod and put a regular phone jack back on. I am located in Wayne, Illinois.


Can we tallk on the phone next week.  Private message me your phone # and the best time(s) to call, day or evening.  Too many variables to discuss in posts.  This thread has received over 8000 views and I find it hard to believe you're the first one to try the mod.  It was also on the Home Automation news grouip for years before it was posted here with no comments regarding a problem.
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