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Author Topic: Removing Camera presets in iWitness?  (Read 7912 times)


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Removing Camera presets in iWitness?
« on: November 07, 2006, 05:35:02 PM »

I have a VK77A Vanguard camera running in iWitness. I created a new profile, programmed 8 presets, and it is scanning thru the 8 presets properly, but when it reaches the end of the last preset, it then scans back to preset4, then back to preset7, then returns to the original pattern?

Thinking that I possibly corrupted the original programming (I reprogrammed a few presets), I then created a new profile and did NOT create any new presets. I saved the new profile, rebooted the computer, unplugged the camera for 30 seconds, removed the batteries from the CM15A and unplugged it for 5 min. plugged everything back in, restarted the computer, and started AHP using the new NO PRESETS profile. I also checked the verified that there were no presets stored in the *.ahx file. Believe it or not, I clicked the "Scan" icon and it stated scanning the original 8 presets?

Does anyone know how to clear these presets?

Does this problem exist with the Ninja Pan & Tilt bases?

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