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Author Topic: Just got X10 and have questions.  (Read 2568 times)


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Just got X10 and have questions.
« on: November 21, 2006, 08:15:04 PM »

  I just received the cm15a transceiver and quickly noticed that the range on the slim remotes is about 5 feet making them beyond useless.  I am wondering if the range is this bad how can I possibly use this system with motion detectors, what is their range to this transceiver?  Also do any remotes have a decent range.  I was going to get one of those "Bog Red Buttons" to activate the system in case of an emergency but now realize that I would have probably already been killed on the way to my computer room to hit the button which would have to be on the wall most likely within 4-5 feet of the transceiver.  I guess I don't need remotes but I would need the transceiver to pick up the motion detectors and control switches from anywhere in a smaller to medium house.  Would these be hard to do?  Is the range for the motion detectors as pathetic as remotes?


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Re: Just got X10 and have questions.
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2006, 08:29:38 PM »

Welcome aboard!

The slim remotes  have bad range any ways!

There are posts on here that explain why!

And that remotes which use 4 batteries work better that those with button batteries!

Please take the time to do some searches and reading you can start with my post Topic: Having X10 AHP Problems? Please Read This First!  (Read 9051 times)

there are links to mosts of your questions and will help with others! ;)
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