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Author Topic: What do I need  (Read 11502 times)


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What do I need
« on: January 09, 2007, 01:41:24 AM »

I currently have AHP and am looking for some sort of security system.  My CM-15A is constantly connected to my pc, and I occasionally have problems with remote range.  What Items do I need to own in order to use OnAlert.  I checked out the X-10 website, but did not recieve any information, Other that I can upgrade for 49.95. This system sounds like what I am looking for but, the lack of details is keeping me from purchusing it.


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Re: What do I need
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2007, 05:04:25 PM »

Depends On what you wish to do with this ! ::)
A lot that the webpage states you can do you can only do if you have all the other plugins!
You can't video a intruder with out the video plug-in(what ever they're calling it now)
You can't send your self a email stating which sensor tripped with out the plug-in My-House
You can't make complicated conditional macros with out Smartmacros!

Now if you just wish to trigger/flash some lights then you'll need a security remote or key flob, some door window sensors, and some motion sensors
If you wish to play sounds a program to play your specified sound eg. Topic: X10WavPlayer(Add Sound to AHP)  (Read 3997 times)
 If you just wish it to trigger a horn then you'll need the power horn or one of the other X10 chimes!
If you wish it to call your cell phone or another phone then you'll need a security console or Topic: Phone Control (AlertDialer) Addon  (Read 4095 times) and a voice modem! ;)
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